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Experience, knowhow and a powerful network – valuable for people and companies.

Longterm experience in companies of our current target markets as well as positions in the engineering and the management of sales and marketing allow me today to competently and with much dedication support you in the search for qualified top performers.

I am well acquainted with the dynamic of organizational structures and the complexness that are found in the technical industries.
Profiting from the broad network which I was able to establish over these last years, I today have access to excellent candidates for your business sector, too.

Bernd Schubert


  • 1974 graduate in process engineering from the FH Frankfurt
  • Longterm work as process and project engineer for renowned engineering companies
  • Followed by consulting activities in the scope of the introduction of software products which require extensive explanation (CAD, process simulation, PPS/ERP)
  • Accompanying fields of work: product distribution, organization of sales, marketing and product activities, acquisition of engineering and consulting projects

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