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Independently of the day-to-day business and without burdening your staff any further, we analyze and evaluate new market opportunities for you. Make your sales team fit for the future with clear concepts, creative ideas and an efficient organization. We submit proposals for the implementation and offer solutions for the further personnel and organizational development.

Our building blocks for the sales division:

Analysis and Research

For a successful market entry a thorough environment analysis regarding competitors, customers, products, distribution channels, chances and risks is required. However, as your plans are supposed to remain secretive until they become realized, we are doing our research for relevant information with high discretion, process them for evaluation and presentation to you – the ideal base for your strategic concept!

Development of the Sales Organization

By establishing new distribution channels in the sales structure you quickly face the issue of appropriate sales engineers. Often the daily business leaves no chance for your staff to acquire necessary special knowledge besides their normal work. Therefore rely on our professional assistance: We disburden you in terms of the search and preselection of candidates and we discretely and with target-orientation establish your future sales team.

Sales Reorganization

Markets are changing and the competitive pressure steadily increases. Organizations are forced to react flexibly in order to remain future-proof. Yet in fact daily routine is encountered everywhere: in your sales team, amongst your sales partners and in the customer relations as well. By thoroughly reviewing the existing organization and by scrutinizing prevailing structures and systems, you actively manage and design the change. For a clear view without "internal political interests" it is recommended to engage an external consultant.

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